Diesel: IWC can provide two grades of this fuel oil
ULSD - a cleaner burning fuel, used for transportation purposes, that emits less carbon dioxide due the lower sulfur content under 10ppm. We source ULSD from refineries in the Gulf and transload it onto our fleet of 250 railcars to reach the consumer, or at the refinery rack to load our fleet of trucks with access to over 120 terminals in the US.
LSD - a higher sulfur content diesel much less used today due to the new EPA standards; it is more so used nowadays for heavy machinery, equipment, and agricultural sector.
Include ULSD Spec / Mexico NOM spec

Gasoline continues to be the fuel that moves the majority of vehicles worldwide; therefore, it commonly found in a variety of grades that go according to the standards of the region
Conventional gasoline
Oxygenated gasoline
Reformulated gasoline
Reformulated blended with ether
Reformulated blended with alcohol
Reformulated non-oxygenated

We can supply the Mexican market from our own MTBE blend in accordance with Mexico’s local standards and ship via rail out of our facility in Corpus.

Jet Fuel: an aviation fuel formerly known as “kerosene” which is suitable for most jet aircrafts. We source and supply conventional jet fuel, and the most commonly used for commercial aviation, Jet A and Jet A-1. Both are produced to standardized international specifications.

Base Oils: used to make lubricating oils for use in industrial machinery and vehicle engines; as well as for blending purposes with diesel particularly. IWC can offer a variety of base oil specs ranging from 50 to 180 SN and ship via rail domestically or to the Texas/Mexico border.