IWC Oil & Refinery LLC

Secured Supply

We are committed, as a trusted partner, to listen to our customer’s needs and offer the best personalized procurement solution to each unique need that is built on a network of terminals and refineries that enables us to trade millions of barrels of crude oil and it’s derivatives every year.

Cost-Effective Products & Services

Time-saving services allow you to manage costs, and superior quality products at competitive rates increase chances for better profitability. In addition, IWC offers price management programs where clients are enabled to achieve higher revenue by controlling fuel costs.

Customer Service

We are focused on providing exceptional customer service while exceeding customer expectations on a 24/7/365 basis. Having the best service standards is a must for this company, as seeing our clients excel is one of main objectives.

Added Value

Utilizing our assets, we add value to the supply chain in order to provide the best possible fueling solutions to our domestic market and the cross-border market of refined fuels distribution, all the while maintaining flexibility and competitiveness to our customer.


In a highly competitive market, IWC stands out for being a trustworthy and reliable energy supplier delivering high quality products and tailored solutions with excellent customer service.




We are always interested in new talent to join IWC.


Are you ready for finding a trusted and reliable partner for your fuel needs? Because we're ready to work with you and build confidence one step at a time. So let's find our how we can succeed together!